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Your Primary Archetype is


The Education Archetype

Never let your schooling interfere with your education."

About The Teacher

You are an expert at what you do, and have always been motivated by knowing everything you can about a topic.

You can see the third-party non-biased perspective of every single argument, and want to know the *facts* rather than buying into subjectivity.

Your content creation and business been built on being the go-to person in their niche that others go-to for the soundest education on the topic.

You’ve likely identified as an expert–whether you’ve read a lot of books, studied a lot of articles, or read a lot of research–the science, the history, and the insight is where you find yourself spending your time.

Learning and teaching information feels so good for you–which is why you’re likely quite consistent in your content creation.

You thrive on the feeling you get when someone tells you that your teaching changed their life.

You’re down to be the Industry Dumbledore.

Just like a professor at the head of the classroom, people quickly come to understand that you know your shit. Your level of expertise on your topic offers you the unfair advantage of *actually* being a qualified expert.

You’re devoted to education, and know that this is a part of your contribution to the world.

Taking something from high-level and complicated to simple and digestible is key for you.

And because of your Inner Teacher, you tend to enjoy the DISTANCE aspect between you and your pupils, as compared to coaching–that which is highly intimate.

You trust them to do something with the content you teach, but you’re not particularly compelled to babysit them.

You’d thrive making courses, hosting a podcast, and/or writing articles and books.

You’re not as attached to your creations, due to the fact that they’re a compilation of the Greats that Came Before You.

You’re quick to quote and credit your predecessors, as they have highly informed your work.

Creators put out content, teachers help people understand the context.

Teacher Classes


Your Primary Archetype is your Zone of Genius. Your secondary Archetype is your Zone of Safety. Together, they make up the 12 Sub-Classes.

Teacher / Entrepreneur

The Eye 👁


 You’re using your entrepreneur to flourish as a teacher—so you either love consulting for companies, speaking, creating courses and/or certifications. You have the systems-minded visionary aspect, and use that energy to deliver your teachings. People recognize you as a teacher who understands how to solve problems strategically, so you are (or will be) well-revered by your peers.


Consultant, Speaker, Course Creator, Certifications

Role Affinity

The lens through which society filters their information through. The leader, the networker, the person who lifts up other teachers and experts.

Core Desire

To own, control, or shift the narrative people are learning through. To be a guide for the conversations being had, to be a source of reliable information.

Teacher / Coach

The Hidden Gem 💎


You’re using your coach as a way to live/flourish as your teacher. You’re able to host retreats, workshops, or group coaching programs to allow your teacher to show up for your “students.” You might not host your own events, but you thrive when getting asked to speak to a crowd or be the guest expert. You don’t feel the need to have a massive business or audience, because your best work is with your people.


Retreat Host, Group Coach, Guest Speaker At Events, Expert

Role Affinity

Lesser known, but brilliant and powerful. The master. The one in the background, the one being asked to speak. Humility.

Core Desire

To directly serve people utilizing the experiential and formal knowledge gained in life.

Teacher / Creator

The Magnet 🧲


You’re likely using a social media platform, in-person event, book, or other creative outlet to share your teachers and what you’ve learned. You enjoy recording podcasts, curating in-person experiences (that are experiential AND informational), recording youtube videos, writing books, articles, or social media posts. People know you for your ability to curate information from other great teachers and deliver it to the world in your own, beautiful way.


Author, Podcaster, YouTuber, Event Host

Role Affinity

Using creative magnetism to educate the world.

Core Desire
To learn from masters and experts and share those experiences and information through a creative platform.

Work For The Teacher

Teachers may have grown up being praised for their achievements and accomplishments, and as adults; they fear being seen as inadequate, less than, or like they don’t have it all together. If they aren’t careful, they may project this fear onto others and it will manifest as criticism, judgement, or looking down on others.

The work for teachers is to heal their relationship with achievement, whilst keeping their unique ability to be a leading expert in their space. Healing for teachers can occur when they integrate their Coach archetype and open their hearts to others.

Method For Greatness

  • Creating Frameworks for their information
  • Becoming a leading expert in their spaces
  • Collaborating with others to enhance visibility
  • Mastering their craft and delivering it in the form of courses, podcasts, social media content, talks, or other digital resources.

Effective Business Models

Teachers work best when their frameworks, resources, and processes can be organized into digital spaces for consumption.


  • Digital Courses
  • Ebooks + Educational Material
  • Methodology Creation
  • Livestreams
  • Masterclasses
  • Books

Content + Marketing

  • Start a Podcast To Educate On Your Topic
  • Write Articles For Your Website
  • Create YouTube Videos To Teach
  • Speak On Stages (Your Own Or Others!)
  • Write Books

Well Known Teachers


Teacher & Storyteller



Dr. Nicole

Holistic Psychologist


Digital Course Creator



Layla F.





Speaker & Author