Running an online business requires entrepreneurs and creators to create a seemingly-never-ending stream of content. Social media content, marketing content, educational content, content for our clients, programs, emails, ads, IG stories, TikToks, Facebook live streams…and more.

Tapping into that energy requires a free-flowing stream of creativity along with a sharp focused-discipline for executing and following through. Playing this role in business is energy-intensive; so being able to flow with our unique energetic template rather than push against it is absolutely imperative.

When determining your best content strategy, utilize your Entrepreneurial Archetype Percentage Breakdown. This allows you to truly match your execution with the way you are naturally set up to minimize burn out, overwhelm, and resistance to creating content.


When Creator is in Q1 or Q2:

: having room for your mind to access its natural wandering-wonders is imperative for your ability to create the magic you were here to do. You have the most natural energy to.

  • MOVEMENT: Moving the body allows for the stagnant, stuck energy in the body to release and free you up to connect to your creativity. Any time of movement (exercise, walks, rungs, yoga, stretching, dancing, etc.)
  • INTERNAL CONNECTION: Depending on the type of creation you’re doing, create a space for yourself to be with you and your mind. Your best work is usually created when you have the freedom to be with yourself and utilize the space that opens up when you’re with you and you.
  • GENTLE STRUCTURE: without structure, you may feel disconnected and unmotivated. Making sure you create structure in your days that aren’t too rigid, but just rigid enough will allow you to activate into a flow state.

You’ll naturally desire to use your social media platforms as a means of self-expression; whatever that looks like for you. Use the mediums that feel the most enlivening for you. Ask yourself; what would make this feel even more like my authentic expression?

When Creator is in Q3 or (especially) Q4…

  • Accessing creative states might be more challenging for you, so consider utilizing the energy of your Q1 or Q2 to get in touch with your “idea hub.”
  • For example: if an Entrepreneur is high in your breakdown; it’ll be useful to you to start by building content creation frameworks and systems to plug new ideas into.
  • For example: if you build 6 graphic design structures [1 list format, one pie chart, one graph, one side by side, etc.] you can plug-and-play the content rather than come up with everything from scratch.
  • Lastly: if you are making $5k+ or so every month, it might be a good time to invest in a graphic designer to create templates, a copywriter, a sales-page builder, or a videographer to support you in the place you are the weakest.


When the Coach is in Q1 or Q2….

  • FEEDBACK: without feedback, conversation, or another human to BE with, Coaches won’t feel fully activated in their ability to create. You’ll be able to have a constant stream of ideas when you focus on getting feedback on a consistent basis.
  • INTIMACY: closeness in communication and depth of experience will guide you to the correct content. The more you can be involved in the intimate experiences of your clients, the easier it will be to collect content ideas that connect on the level required for conversions, trust, and intimacy building.
  • CLIENTS: they will always tell you what to say! Whenever you have coaching calls, take notes on what you discussed so you can use those prompts for podcasts, videos, posts, or articles! You can even ask your clients to come on your podcast and share their experiences or do free coaching sessions on IG live to show off your coaching skills and make content at the same time.
  • SALES CALLS: the #1 hub for collecting marketing copy and content ideas. Your customers will give you the exact language to use on your sales page on sales calls. Take notes on what your leas are saying they struggle with, how they feel, why they don’t want to sign up…all of it. This will give you so much content your head will explode.

You’ll naturally desire to use your social media platform to connect with new clients and serve your audience from your heart. Allow your relationship, communication, and EQ skills to permeate your content and share experiences, lessons, and stories in your content.

When the Coach is in Q3 or (especially) Q4…

  • It might be less natural for you to access the depth of experience of your customers that is oh so important for your marketing, customer retention, and trust in your brand.
  • BATCH RESEARCH: plan to have some “coach” phases you enter into specifically to receive the information you need to ensure you’re getting what you need! Have a focused period of time where you interview leads, have a few calls with customers, send out feedback surveys, and set the intention to truly understand them.
  • USE PSYCHOGRAPHICS: When it comes to building out your customer avatar and writing sales copy, it’s deeply important to become aware of their pain, struggles, emotional experience, wounding, desires, fears, and everything internal. Demographics are basic things like age, location, career; whereas psychographics are what make up their psyche. Check out this exercise to develop and understand your IC.
  •  CREATE AN ENGAGEMENT PROCESS: social media engagement has a lot of “Coach energy,” and when Coach is lower down in your breakdown–creating a process around ensuring this gets done (and well!) will be incredibly helpful for you. Whether it’s having blocked time specifically around responding to messages, creating some templated (and customizable!) responses, or even a “reach out” process you do weekly or monthly to your new followers…setting this up will be a game-changer.


When the Teacher is in Q1 or Q2….

  • READING: Learning from others and being the student allows you to be in the height of your creativity. Because you’re meant to be in the teacher role, you actually access that by being in the student role. Being involved in a course, program, reading research, reading a book, listening to a podcast, and gathering your own information allows you to create more context for how you can disseminate that for your audience.
  • BREAKDOWN: Breaking down the complicated into the practical, chunkable, tangible content pieces. Ask yourself, “what are key awarenesses, processes, or lessons my audience doesn’t know?”
  • FRAMEWORKS: having pre-created frameworks for captions, infographics, or articles will allow you to really plug and play into these structures. Building a few frameworks you use consistently to teach your audience will allow your creation process to move far more quickly. Acronyms, charts, graphics, venn diagrams, lists, or other visuals are some examples of repeatable frameworks. [IG canva templates]

You’ll naturally desire to use your social media platforms, business, and “stages” to educate your audience. Trust that energy is your most potent, most natural, and most effective for your brand’s expansion. Keep teaching and educating your audience in the way that feels the most like “you.”

When the Teacher is in Q3 or (especially) Q4…

  • You’ll have to activate a bit more to get into the “teacher” space. When it’s time to activate your teacher Archetype, sit down to build some frameworks for your content to fit in. Whether you’re building a speech, course curriculum, or social media caption…starting with a base framework (whether it’s a basic outline structure for an article, a list structure, or otherwise) will make it easier to plug your expertise in.
  • Remember; the goal is to take what you know and create a simple process, framework, or breakdown to teach people the information. Organize what you know into 5 or 6 main pillars, and then get more detailed from there. Frameworks are essentially structures that organize the “what” of the content into a context of “how” it may look visually in the mind.

Entrepreneur Content Strategy

When the Entrepreneur is in Q1 or Q2….

  • SYSTEMS: Because you’re into optimization, efficiency, and scalable systems…your content creation strategy should be no different. Consider; what key pieces of content does my business require, and how can I repurpose those longer-form pieces into short-form content?
  • STRATEGY: Coming up with your entire content plan–the main themes, the content ideas, the content calendar, the repurposing strategy, graphic strategy, and team delegation–is going to be your jam. The more time you can spend developing the system and strategy, the easier it’ll be for you to deploy it.

When the Entrepreneur is in Q3 or (especially) Q4…

  • You’ll have to activate a bit more to get into the strategizing process for your content, so having support (business bestie, team members, or mentor) is going to be a powerful key for you.
  • Here’s a

Depending on your breakdown, pull together those elements when you’re going to create content. And better yet; set your entire business model and life up so that you can be in flow without even thinking about it.