The Teacher

I am here to receive ideas and release them to the world through my creative process. My expression is my highest form of service, and informs my business model.

The teacher is the archetype that’s here to play the student/teacher role and educate the masses. Teachers thrive on consuming, organizing, and distilling information so their pupils can receive it and benefit from it.

Teachers are the most grounded, practical, and logical of the bunch–always researching, reading, learning, and gathering. They are a hub of knowledge, and thrive when they have a “room” (in person, or your favorite digital Zoom room) to share it with.

Teachers thrive when they build frameworks for their work and information they share in a way that works for them. This could be through whatever medium makes sense for them–podcast, events, courses–you name it.

Teachers are amazing at making sure their students have the information, resources, materials, graphs, quoted research, and process to ensure they’re successful in life.

The teacher also represents the student.

A Teacher's Core Motivators:

Legacy &

Core Qualities

Teachers are practical, knowledgeable, organized, and focused entrepreneurs. You’ll find them sharing detailed, well-researched content that comes from the great teachers before them. Listen to them; they’re always here to change your life through new information.

Teacher Classes

Primary + Secondary Archetypes

Your Primary Archetype Is Your Zone of Genius. Your Secondary Is Your Zone of Safety. 

Together, They Create the 12 Sub-Types.

Teacher / Coach

The Hidden Gem💎

You’re using your coach as a way to live/flourish as your teacher. You’re able to host retreats, workshops, or group coaching programs to allow your teacher to show up for your “students.” You might not host your own events, but you thrive when getting asked to speak to a crowd or be the guest expert.

Teacher / Creator

The Magnet

You’re likely using a social media platform, in-person event, book, or other creative outlet to share your teachers and what you’ve learned. You enjoy recording podcasts, curating in-person experiences (that are experiential AND informational), recording youtube videos, writing books, articles, or social media posts. People know you for your ability to curate information from other great teachers and deliver it to the world in your own, beautiful way.

Teacher / Entrepreneur

The Eye 👁

You’re using your entrepreneur to flourish as a teacher—so you either love consulting for companies, speaking, creating courses and/or certifications. You have the systems-minded visionary aspect, and use that energy to deliver your teachings. People recognize you as a teacher who understands how to solve problems strategically, so you are (or will be) well-revered by your peers.


The Teacher is a key archetype throughout all history; all stories, movies, books have a teacher or mentor figure in them. They don’t always need to be right there with their students every step of the way, but they do need to be there to teach them exactly what to do.


Teachers can process information quickly, and disseminate complicated subjects into simple language.


You’ll find teachers making witty jokes, referencing movies, and making clever jokes. 


Teachers with life experience can take their information, blend it with context and experience, and be a leader.


Teachers are first students; always curious about their topic of mastery, wanting to know as much as they can.


Teachers value education; so you’ll notice them with various certifications, higher-level education credentials, and more.


Integrated teachers know how to command a room and say, “Everyone, this is what we’re learning today. Take a seat.”


Teachers thrive on structure and organization; so you’ll find them with clear frameworks, structures, and processes for efficiency.


Teachers focus on the “what” and the “how,” so expect them to always provide logical, practical advice for your success.


Each archetype expresses itself through different levels of personal, conscious development and triggers.

When this archetype is expressing itself in healthy ways, it’s working at it’s best and can truly thrive. When it’s expressing itself in unhealthy ways, there’s unresolved wounding, trauma, or core belief systems that are manifesting as unhelpful (or even harmful) sets of behavior, thought patterns, and emotions.

Healthy Expressions


Experiences internal worthiness 

Patient And Open To Learning Process

Can hold space for students to process information and execute on it

Open Heart

Ability to open their heart, share vulnerability, and own the fact that they don’t always have it all together

Simple, Clear Delivery of Information

Uses clear language the student can understand when delivering information

Unhealthy Expressions

Achievement Wounds

Derives worth from intelligence, knowledge, and achievements

Projects Self-Criticism Onto Others

Judges lack thereof in others (superiority complex)

Fear of Being Seen As Imcompetent

Fear of being seen as vulnerable, imperfect, or incompetent

Doesn't Use Language of Student

Uses high-level language not easily digestible to the student

Honoring This Archetype

Your Primary Archetype Is Your North Star

Honor your Teacher by honoring the student within you. You thrive when you’re learning to become a better teacher. Trust that you are a leader and claim responsibility by always learning.

Don’t allow your fear of being seen as incompetent keep you from showing up as the student. Instead of viewing yourself as not enough, open your mind to curiosity when approaching spaces you’re new to.

Focus on building powerful frameworks to deliver your information, and organize epic resources for your clients to walk through. This will help you stand out from the crowd and lead with simplicity, clarity, and power.

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