The Entrepreneur

I am here to challenge the status quo, innovate, solve problems, and create systems to ensure efficacy, efficiency, and change.​

Entrepreneurs are the people who have the fervor, vision, and systems-brained ability to build innovative and disruptive businesses that change the landscape of their industry and the world.

The Entrepreneur sees business as an infinite, never-ending game to master; looking for innovative ways to solve problems better than they’e ever been solved before. Solutions, systems, and entire businesses that effectively solve problems is the core direction entrepreneurs go. 

Businesses are the most effective way for them to express their innermost psyche.

Entrepreneurs are firey beings–and without being grounded in their inner work and self-care practices, can easily burn out through working too hard.

The Entrepreneurs thrive when they have purpose and fulfillment in the businesses they create.

Entrepreneurs can create big results with seemingly less work through the power of systems-creation. They think: what’s the most scalable, repeatable process possible–and how can we use that to accelerate?

An entrepreneur's Core Motivator


Core Qualities

The Entrepreneur holds the masculine quality of being “the container,” or “the structure for which chaos can be held.” As people, Entrepreneurs are ambitious, problem-solving visionaries.

Entrepreneur Classes

Primary & Secondary Archetypes

Your Primary Archetype Is Your Zone of Genius. Your Secondary Is Your Zone of Safety. 

Together, They Create the 12 Sub-Types.

Entrepreneur /Coach

The Champion

The Entrepreneur coach has a fire and passion to build a system to serve and transform a lot of people. They likely have a very successful scaled coaching business with multiple offers for customers at multiple levels (when they’re in the “higher” experience levels of business) and is excited about the idea of making the process of transformation scalable, but with intimacy. True gems.

Entrepreneur / Creator

The Outcast

Your mind can conceptualize powerful ideas and innovations, and push them through your primary lens of “business.” This allows you to come up with creative businesses and projections. You are the “Creative director,” and can balance the “extreme” ends of the masculine/feminine spectrum with grace and power.

Entrepreneur / Teacher

The Sorcerer

You educate the world and use your entrepreneurial prowess to express it. Educating others [be it building scalable methods, frameworks, hosting a podcast, running certification programs or masterminds, or making online courses] will always be a part of your game in business, and you thrive when you can build a brand or business that allows you to both be the CEO and the Teacher. 


Entrepreneurs are strong in their ability to see the bigger vision of a business and create the foundation, environment, and team to bring that vision to life.

Focused on Systems

Systems are the foundations that businesses sit on for sustainable, lasting growth. Their brain works in systems.

High-Level Thinker

Thinking in ways that are bigger picture, able to see different operations and how they all work together.

Big-Picture Awareness

They can consider the bigger picture, the meta-nature of a problem that needs to be solved and look at it from every angle.

See Reward Over Risk

Entrepreneurs understand how to see the ROI of an investment before the financial return shows up.


Entrepreneurs know when to delegate out tasks to different team members to ensure the vision comes to life efficiently

Detail Oriented

They know the pieces of the puzzle that need to be optimized and handled, so expect an Entrepreneur to be detailed.

Wears Many Hats

The Entrepreneur, especially as it’s building it’s business, can wear many hats in the business.


Entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do, and that’s the driving energy behind their empires.


Each archetype expresses itself through different levels of personal, conscious development and triggers.

When this archetype is expressing itself in healthy ways, it’s working at it’s best and can truly thrive. When it’s expressing itself in unhealthy ways, there’s unresolved wounding, trauma, or core belief systems that are manifesting as unhelpful (or even harmful) sets of behavior, thought patterns, and emotions.

Healthy Expressions

Committed To Self-Work

Focused on healing wounding, trauma, and other internal things that create external business challenges

Energy Is #1 Priority

Focuses on physical health, mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health as #1 priority

High Integrity

Keeps their word, acts heir line with their values

Connection to Purpose and Vision

Is deeply aligned with their purpose and vision and channels that energy into business

Unhealthy Expressions

Chaotic Self-Desctruction

Familiarity with destruction for creation; potential for self sabotage OR a need to control.

Disconnected From Purpose

Dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment regardless of business success

Worthiness Based On External

Derives worth from success of business (need for validation)”

Prioritizes Success Over Humanity

Will do anything to achieve success, even if it’s hurtful to others. Lack of integrity/moralirt

Honoring This Archetype

Your Primary Archetype Is Your North Star

Honoring your Entrepreneurial Archetype truly means you honor yourself as the vessel, first. The Entrepreneur archetype is, of course, the type who is powerful with systems, numbers, conversions, strategy, vision, business, and building something out of nothing.

And because they’re the builder, the innovator, the disruptor of structures–they must manage their firey energy and take deep care of themselves.

The Entrepreneurs worst enemy is themselves and their own self-destructive inner patterns. Entrepreneurs who do their inner work are the ones who thrive in business scaling, growth, and lasting success so they’re not the bottleneck.

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Or Explore The Other Archetypes

The Coach

Coaches are here to serve and support people in transformation by holding space for the depth of experience, creating safety, and holding the highest vision of their clients.

The Creator​

Creator are here to receive ideas and release them to the world through their creative process. Their expression is their highest form of service and informs their business model.

The Teacher

Teachers educate, inform, and use their power of knowledge responsibly. Their priority is learning, methodology creation, and information dissemination for their audience to learn.