The Creator

I am here to receive ideas and release them to the world through my creative process. My expression is my highest form of service, and informs my business model.

Creators help people see the world in a different light or perspective by doing things differently than others and making people feel through their art. Creative entrepreneurs turn new ideas into reality through their business, project, or work.

The essence of a creator is that they are devoted to their individualism and authentic self-expression. They believe authenticity is the key for humans to achieve liberation, so their main work is to be the living embodiment of that for others to do the same.

Creatives express their art or work in all shapes and forms, but at their core–they’re motivated by freedom. Freedom to do, be, and express what they want–and for others to do the same.

Their shadow is the unhealthy expression of this desire for freedom; being averse to structure, staying grounded, or having restrictions placed on them. Creators can thrive when they integrate their masculine counterpart archetypes; entrepreneur and teacher.

A Creators Core Motivators"

Freedom &

Core Qualities

Creators are, at their core, just a bit different than everyone else. They see the world through a unique lens, and are committed to bringing that vision to life.

Creator Classes

Primary + Secondary Archetypes

Your Primary Archetype Is Your Zone of Genius. Your Secondary Is Your Zone of Safety. 

Together, They Create the 12 Sub-Types.

Creator / Entrepreneur

The Ruler

You’re likely someone who has an highly optimized content system and process that allows you to get your creations seen by many. You prefer being the idea-person, but you use your entrepreneurial brain to come up with a way to scale and optimize those creations you adore (be it content, a show, a product, or something else) to serve a bigger vision.
Creator / Coach

The Vessel

You’re likely a great content creator who runs a coaching business of sorts, utilizing social media as a means to attract new customers and clients, but also using your clients experiences as a way to activate your creativity for generating new content.
Creator / Teacher

The Artist

You’re likely a great content creator who uses infographics, podcasts, educational videos, and writing to educate your audience on topics you’re an expert at. Your education and expertise supports your creations in a way that allows you to be well-known in your space.


Creatives are eager to make an impact through their self-expression. Their enthusiasm to take new ideas and bring them to life is a part of their creative alchemical magic.


Able to come up with new and original ideas 


Not interested in keeping the status quo


Willing to be polarizing, different, and start trends


Value their individuality and originality


Sharing their most authentic self with the world in the form of their creations


Honor the natural receptivity that comes from being in flow; is open to the ebbs and flows of life


Able to trust their inner guidance system when visions come to them


Able to see a vision in their minds eye of what they want to create


Each archetype expresses itself through different levels of personal, conscious development and triggers.

When this archetype is expressing itself in healthy ways, it’s working at it’s best and can truly thrive. When it’s expressing itself in unhealthy ways, there’s unresolved wounding, trauma, or core belief systems that are manifesting as unhelpful (or even harmful) sets of behavior, thought patterns, and emotions.

Healthy Expressions

Flow-State Activation

In flow with creations, executing on new ideas, and putting them out consistently. 

Connected To Masculine Counterparts

Embodied in “structure creates my freedom”

Authentically Self-Expressed

Connected to individuality, self-confidence, and inner wisdom

Sees Themselves As A Vessel

Can handle criticism and feedback around creations

Unhealthy Expressions

Ungrounded And Disconnected

Avoidant of reality, structure, or responsibility (need to integrate masculine)

Lack Of Follow Through

Too much space can result in solth, lethargy, or lack of follow through


Derives worth from ability to iterate and create (feels unworthy when not creating)

Poor Relationship With Money

Holds to the belief that making money through their creations makes them a sell-out

Honouring This Archetype

Your Primary Archetype Is Your North Star

Honor your Creator by trusting your imaginative, idea-generating, intuitive, self-expressed nature. 

Take more time to live inside of your creator by giving yourself the space you require to receive downloads, moving your body to activate creative energy, and deepen in your mastery of your creative work.

You WILL thrive in business when you honor this aspect of yourself in full devotion, trust, and power.

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Creators In Business

The creative entrepreneur is someone who others look to for inspiration and unique ideas. You'll see them creating incredible content, experiences, and businesses.



Public Figure


Content Creator




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Or Explore The Other Archetypes

The Coach

Coaches are here to serve and support people in transformation by holding space for the depth of experience, creating safety, and holding the highest vision of their clients.

The Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are here to challenge the status quo, innovate, solve problems, envision the future and create working systems that ensure efficacy, efficiency, change, and impact.

The Teacher

Teachers educate, inform, and use their power of knowledge responsibly. Their priority is learning, methodology creation, and information dissemination for their audience to learn.