The Coach

I am here to serve and support people in transformation by holding space for the depth of experience, creating safety, and holding the highest vision of my clients.
The key indicator of coaches or coach energy is a focus on people. Regardless of what modality the Coach Archetype uses to serve their audience, their main directive is just that–to serve. Coaches will always find themselves around clients, people, or those whom they can help, support, or guide. They feel as though helping people is their main purpose in life; but ultimately, finding ways in which people can learn to help themselves. #TeamSaveTheWorld

Coaches thrive in conversations that focus on human experiences and have an inclination to understand the deeper reasons why people face struggles and challenges.

It’s of the upmost importance for coaches to ensure they’re taking care of themselves, setting healthy boundaries, and filling their own cups. Coaches are sensitive, empathetic, patient, and amazing at developing and maintaining relationships.

A Coach's Core Motivators


Service Connection

Core Qualities

Coaches are the ones who are in the process with someone–keeping them accountable, working through their challenges, questioning their belief systems, understanding their depth, and helping them change behaviors and heal from conditioned patterns.

Coach Classes

Primary + Secondary Archetypes

Your Primary Archetype Is Your Zone of Genius. Your Secondary Is Your Zone of Safety. 

Together, They Create the 12 Sub-Types.

Coach / Entrepreneur

The Optimizer

You see the opportunity to revolutionize the transformation world by creating a business that helps create better coaches and service providers – through the experience of mastering the art of your service-based craft.

Coach / Teacher

The Healer

You thrive when you can be in front of a room, serving and educating. You are a hidden gem, because you’re both the brilliant expert AND the connected service-provider. At your best, testimonials and referrals fly your way, and clients love to stay with you.

Coach / Creator

The Advocate

You will likely be using a social media platform as your lead generation for your coaching business, thriving in the creativity you get post-coaching calls. Your platform feeds your business, and clients feed your creations. Your self-expression and creative nature serves you in branding and standing out from the crowd.


The coach is a humanist; someone who focuses on the person(s) they’re serving. This makes the coach archetype quite like-able, relatable, and a safe space for clients to heal, transform, or make changes in their lives.

Service Oriented

They always want to make sure the client is well-served, well taken care of, and receiving the best experience possible.

Hold Spaces

At best, they can hold space for someone’s process, challenges, and slow-to-change behaviors or patterns.


They are feelers; able to feel and experience (to the extent they can) what it’s like to be in their clients shoes.


They don’t mind waiting, taking a bit longer for things to make progress, or when someone’s having a tough time.


They care about the person they’re serving, and create genuine relationships with many of their clients


Coaches are open to sharing their stories, their hearts, and their experiences–so their audience and clients can relate to them on a human level.

Long Relationships

Coaches love building long-lasting relationships with the people they work with and nurturing them as they both work and grow together.


Coaches are highly communicative, making sure that them, and everyone around them, feels connected and heard.


Each archetype expresses itself through different levels of personal, conscious development and triggers.

When this archetype is expressing itself in healthy ways, it’s working at it’s best and can truly thrive. When it’s expressing itself in unhealthy ways, there’s unresolved wounding, trauma, or core belief systems that are manifesting as unhelpful (or even harmful) sets of behavior, thought patterns, and emotions.

Healthy Expressions

Clear Boundaries

Boundaries that are set around their time, energy, prices, and social media allow the coach to serve from a full cup.

Satisfied and Thriving Clients

Coaches who are in touch with their worth are deeply expressed in their ability to provide a transformative service.

Engaged Audience

When coaches are running on their authentic energy, they love to build relationships with their audience–resulting in an engaged platform; regardless of the size.

Closeness & Intimate

Clients and audience members feel close to the healthy coach, even when they aren’t their client–because they’re tapped into the human experience of their audience members.

Unhealthy Expressions

Lack of Boundaries

Coaches who haven’t dealt with their co-dependent behaviors fear disappointing clients, so they’ll extend boundaries to avoid conflict or discord.

Hero/Helper Complex

Helping people expressed through the lens of the ego can turn into a “hero” complex; taking on the responsibility to “fix” the person.

People Pleasing

To avoid conflict, coaches will behave in ways they perceive others want them to as to not upset or disturb anyone.

Energy Mismanagement

When overwhelmed by the amount they’ve extended themselves, coaches may mismanage their own energy in other areas of their life to overcompensate for their fatigue.

Honoring This Archetype

The Coach Archetype is an absolutely imperative role in society and communities. Honor your role by living up to it's fullest potential.

To honor the Coach, provide yourself with a full cup first and foremost. Coaches are givers, care-takers, and nurturers; however, they do not need to martyr themselves to do well at their job.

Let go of any preconceived notions that your needs matter less than anyone else’s. There’s always a way to set healthy boundaries and agreements around your time and energy and still be deeply of service.

Enhance your coaching skills and mastery by investing in experiences where you are facilitated by others.

Remember; you can only take your clients as deep as you’ve gone yourself.

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